Our Waterwatch activities:

The Waterwatch program was initiated in 1993 by Melbourne Water to enable the community to become involved in the monitoring and management of waterways in their catchment. Waterwatch aims to raise knowledge in the community about water issues and to encourage water quality monitoring groups to undertake constructive action.

Since 2007 the Friends of Dandenong Valley Parklands Waterwatch group has monitored the health of Dandenong Creek and Blind creek in the Jells Park area.

Once a month we conduct physical and chemical testing at three sites. We monitor the level of dissolved salts, phosphorous and ammonium as well as checking the oxygen content of the water (essential for creek life). This information is forwarded to Melbourne Water providing data for the network of creek and rivers in the Melbourne area.

Twice a year at Patterson’s bridge we survey the aquatic invertebrate population, and assess the watercourse wildlife habitat quality.





Waterwatch Testing