Indigenous and Community Gardens

The Friends of Dandenong Valley Parklands manage two gardens in the grounds of the Parks Victoria depot at 95 Shepherd’s Road, Glen Waverley.

An Indigenous Garden which showcases native plants suited to suburban gardens in the local area. This is an established garden with a wide variety of species indigenous to the area. Friends’ activities include planting, weeding and general maintenance of the garden. Most of our plants are propagated on site at our nursery facility.

A Community Garden which was set up in 2008, aims to encourage local involvement and participation in a park gardening program providing social interaction, physical activity and learning about the environment, food provision, gardening and horticulture which can be put into practice at home. The garden which is now well established encourages community groups to participate in the program and aims to increase knowledge and benefits of native plants in gardens (including attracting native wildlife) and to improve knowledge of alternative garden techniques and sustainable gardening.

The Community Garden has a number of themed gardens including a Daisy Garden, a Butterfly Garden and a Bush Foods Garden.

Both gardens are open for visitors at any time.

Working bees are held on the first Sunday of every month from 10am - 12 noon.

Friends manage and maintain the garden.


Plant Nursery

Friends manage a plant nursery and propagate up to 3000 native plants a year for regeneration in the Parks areas.

The nursery has a small igloo primarily for propagation of seeds and cuttings and a large igloo for growing on of seedlings.

A shadehouse provides protection for our plants in the summer months. An extensive watering system from large rainwater tanks ensures adequate water is provided throughout the year.

The Friends group has a permit to collect seed and this is undertaken in the bush areas several times a year.

Propagating activities including sowing seeds, pricking out seedlings and taking cuttings are undertaken on the second Thursday of each month.


Indigenous Garden Mulching



Nursery Propagating